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We are a "Connections App" designed to help you find real life connections.  Want to meet new people?  Just start searching!


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Why Us?


Easy Search

Find When You Want

Why waste time sorting through hundreds or even thousands of matches having ZERO in common with you? Identify things that are important to you, and then search for matches based on that!


Better Connections

Meet Quality People

Looking to make new friends? Interested in a serious, relationship with a long-term outlook? Looking for less commitment? Don't waste time or energy on things that you DON'T want - we make it easy to find what you are looking for with like-minded people.


Local Deals

Things to Do After You Match

Looking for a great date idea, or just something to do a Tuesday night? We help with that, too. Come find special deals on everything from drinks to dining to concerts and other fun activities - not too far from you.

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About Us

  • We are not a "dating app", but a connections app

Most dating apps are based on the premise that either a complicated, opaque, proprietary algorithm or simple proximity is the key to creating a successful connection between individuals.

  • Connecting Dots takes a different approach

We emphasize a personalized profile based on interests, ideas, values, favorite activities, etc. Then we let users search for things they care about – no more canned questionnaires, silent matches, and searching for a needle in a haystack of unappealing options.

We are committed to bringing you a fresh take on meeting new people, whether you are looking for serious connections, interesting acquaintances, business connections, or a few new friends.

Connecting Dots is here for you.

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